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Safety Guidelines

Since 2001, Kidzworld has been a leader in internet safety. Kidzworld is a safe social network for kids; in fact we believe we are the safest kids website. There are many ways for users to communicate with each other on Kidzworld. In all instances where users can interact with each other, their activities are moderated as follows:

  1. User profile comments: Users are able to send each other comments, as well as comment on other users photos and site articles. All comments are filtered using sophisticated moderation software for the disclosure of personally identifiable information and inappropriate language. If the comment is flagged, it is sent to human moderation for further review and either approval or rejection.
  2. User profile photos: Users are allowed to upload socially appropriate photos of themselves, their friends, and other subjects of interest. For user safety and security all meta data is removed from all photos prior to being published on the site. All 12 and under US users must obtain parent/guardian consent during the registration process in order to upload personal photos.
  3. Written by you: These are articles, stories, poems, etc. written by our users and submitted for publication on the site. They are manually checked by a staff member to ensure that there is not any inappropriate language or disclosure of personally identifiable information. We do not edit the style or spirit of the submission.
  4. Forums: Users can post their comments and feedback onto a myriad of topics in the boards. All posts are subject to moderation by our sophisticated moderation and behavioural analysis software tool for the disclosure of personally identifiable information and inappropriate language. If a post is flagged by the filter, it is sent to manual moderation for checking by one of our staff members.
  5. Blogs: Users can create a personal blog. All entries in their blogs are submitted through our filtration software. Any post that is flagged for containing potentially inappropriate language or personally identifiable information is sent to our mods for review.
  6. Groups: Users can form and/or join groups of other like-minded users to discuss their interests. All comments posted in Groups are checked by our moderation software. Any comments that contain potentially inappropriate language or personally identifiable information are sent to the mods.
  7. Chat Room: The chat room is moderated using sophisticated moderation and behavioural analysis software which blocks inappropriate language as well as personal contact information. The chat room is also patrolled regularly by one of our staff mods, a Jr Mod or an Admin. There are occasions when certain words, used in a certain sequence can be deemed inappropriate. Kidzworld works closely with our moderation partner in order to limit such occurrences. Chat is open twenty fours hours per day. Kidzworld does not allow swearing, bullying, fighting, racial epithets or the disclosure of personally identifiable information. Users that do not obey the rules are removed from chat for varying periods depending on the severity of their actions. Repeat offenders are banned from using chat. If you do not want to speak to a particular user in chat, you can block them by right clicking on their avatar.
  8. User Videos: All videos are checked by one of our staff moderators to determine the appropriateness of the content as well as determine if the video contains any personally identifiable information. The vast majority of videos are music from prominent artists, thus our biggest concern is the potential for inappropriate language.
  9. E-cards: Visitors to Kidzworld can send an email card to other KW users, as well as real world friends. In order to do so, the sender must know the email address or username of the recipient. In order to preserve the privacy of the sender the e-card is sent from a secure Kidzworld server with the senders email address described as; no-reply@kidzworld.com . Only the first name of the sender is disclosed in the e-card.

Although all potential interaction between users is moderated using sophisticated moderation and behavioural analysis software, we encourage our users to follow our kids safety guidelines whether they are at Kidzworld or elsewhere on the web. Following are some suggested kids internet safety guidelines:

  • Keep your personal information to yourself. Do not give anyone any info that could identify you in real life. Never give another kid your last name, school name, passwords, email address, phone number or street address. You don't really know who they are, even though this is a safe kids social network.
  • Be careful of kids who ask you too many personal questions - especially if they won't stop asking. If this happens, tell your parents, one of the mods or email us at: privacy@kidzworld.com. Make sure you have the proper spelling of the username of the kid who is bothering you.
  • If another kid asks things that make you uncomfortable, nervous or scared, stop talking with them and tell a mod or your parents. You can also email us at privacy@kidzworld.com. Be sure to include the kids screen name and some details about what happened, including where and when it happened.
  • If you find an image, a link or an ad on Kidzworld that doesn't belong there (it has bad language or pics), email us right away. We are a safe kids social network. As a website for kids we are very careful about who we allow to advertise. Please make sure you copy and paste the URL so that we can find the ad and remove it.
  • There are report buttons on all comments, pictures and user bios. You can report anything to the Social Network Manager that makes you uncomfortable by clicking on the report button.
  • Don't register on any website or in a contest that requires you to disclose personal information without getting your parent's permission first. Your internet safety is secure at Kidzworld.
  • Read the chat and forums rules before entering any chat room. This is important stuff to know otherwise you may break the rules and get penalized.
  • Talk to your parents before downloading anything from the internet. There are a lot of sites that will try to trick you into downloading something that could be dangerous to your computer.
  • Don't believe everything you read. Some kids like to make up stuff when they are online. It's important to remember that the kids you are chatting with may not be telling you the truth about themselves. Even though this is a kids social network, some kids don't act like kids.
  • Never agree to meet an online "friend" face to face unless your parents know about it and go with you. Don't agree to talk to anyone on the phone that you meet online unless your parents are there. Always tell your parents when another kid asks to meet you in person or call you. That way you will always be safe. Remember Kidzworld is a safe kids social network, but you also need to pay attention to things.
  • Let someone at Kidzworld know if you ever have a problem. If you are in the chatroom or on the boards, speak with one of the monitors. Otherwise email us at privacy@kidzworld.com..
  • But most important: Have Fun, meet new kids, explore the site and learn lots of cool stuff at Kidzworld; the worlds leading safe, secure social network
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